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River ebro fishing boat

River Ebro Fishing is easy from the banks or from our motor boat. With a length of almost 4 meters and a open flat floor area it is perfect for getting into the areas which you can't otherwise get to. Comes with a quiet four stroke honda outboard which is ideal for exploring the river and reservoirs (embalses) in the area.

It also has a removable moulded seat which seats five people comfortably should you wish to take the family off for a picnic instead of a days fishing.

From the website.

River Ebro catfish fishing can result in 100lb+ catfish like this

A magnificent catfish from the river Ebro near our farm.

River Ebro - you could be cat-fishing here!

Some of the catfishing is in locations like this - The Ebro Valley.

River Ebro Boat Hire

Our boat is available for hire.

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